Friday, April 1, 2011

OMG POINT OVERLOAD TOTALLY did horrible yesterday!  By 4:00 yesterday afternoon I had already used 5 of my weekly points....Then because I didn't care...we ordered pizza and I ended up eating 17 points extra yesterday!  Honestly, I felt sick afterwards and really down.  I couldn't figure it out.  My man was like..."What's wrong?"  I didn't really have an answer for him.  I honestly think I was disappointed in myself for not even attempting to stay in my points yesterday. 

However, I promised myself I was going to look at the bright side of least I tracked it all and at least I did it on Thursday (day after weigh in) so I have the rest of the week to stay on track.'s to today...I will make it today!  (I have to...cause I still feel icky from yesterday. :( )

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  1. You didn't do tracked everything and figured out the points. Yes, you may have fewer WPA's for the rest of the week, but that's okay!