Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Puking + IV Fluids = small weight loss

So...I'm not gonna lie. I was expecting(hoping) for a significant weight loss tonight. I mean I was puking my guts out from a lovely stomach bug for over 12 hours. I wasn't able to keep anything in me, not even much so that I had to go to the hospital and get IV yeah...I was expecting a little more than only 1 pound lost! UGH!!! But...then I stopped before I got upset (for a change) lol and I thought about it for a minute. Having been as sick as I was and unable to eat anything since Sunday night, (It's Wednesday now FYI) and also not being able to do anything but sleep...I guess that doesn't really equal a balanced diet to have a ton of weightloss. Now mind you, dang cycle came during all of this as, could be a variety of reasons. I would have LOVED to pop past this lovely plateau, luck.........THIS WEEK! Here I come January 19!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Well, as you can tell, I haven't blogged in a couple weeks. Reasons??
So, now here is why I have felt all these things.
Embarassed = Because 2 weeks in a row I gained weight.
Frustration = Because I am stuck at this same weight and can't push past it.
Anger = Because I felt like I did everything right week one and sucked week two.
Laziness = Because upon lots of reflection at my two weeks, I just didn't want to face the issues I knew were really there.
Peaceful = I realized I had not been nearly as good as I thought.

So, my reflection goes as this....
Yes, I did gain weight week one. Yes, I thought I did everything right, but upon really looking at my schedule...I only went to the gym once! I ate everything correctly, except that one chocolate chip cookie, but I "counted" the points. I ate fruits and veggies like I should, but I didn't track my food. I am doing all the "right" things but only on my terms. It doesn't work that way. Yes, eventually, I should be able to do that, however right now until I continue to make progress I need to do everything, not just what I feel like doing.
Okay, now week two. As much as I was determined to do better, stay on track, write things down and go to the gym...I didn't! I used every excuse to make sure that I didn't have to. Yet, I knew I should be and I didn't. So, gaining weight this week didn't surprise me, yet I was angry. WHY? Cause I KNEW I had done that one to myself. It was all about me at that point and I couldn't blame it on anyone but my laziness to follow the program because I was certain I knew better.
Well, check out my weight off to the left. Apparently, I DON'T know better. I know how to eat better, I know I need to excercise, but I need to track my food. I pretend I didnt' eat it, even though I knew I did. I eat just cause I can...and I have to find another way to direct my "hunger." I'm still working on that one. lol...but no one said it was going to be easy, and I didn't get this size by eating too many carrots thats for sure. So, it is a new week. I will make this work for me. Weight Watchers is a program that has been successful for me. It has taught me how to retrain my body and mind on what is good to put in it. is a process I am not giving up on, mainly because I am worth this process.